In the year 1955
a movie-star rebel took his last ride
The nation mourned like we’d lost a war,
And didn’t know what we were fighting for
In the year 1959
three singers lost their lives,
They’re still grieved for due to their fame
And no one remembers the pilots name!In the year nineteen sixty-three
We lost President Kennedy
And Marilyn Monroe just the year before
Most Americans miss her more.In the year one thousand nine seven one
Three rock stars quit having fun
We lost a thousand times that in Vietnam
But not from trendy heroin…

In the year Nineteen-eighty and none,
Some worthless fuck killed John Lennon,
He sought a shortcut to renown and fame
Sad to say, we still remember his name.

In the year two thousand, oh-nine
Michael took too much benzodiazepine
People mourned the loss of his moonwalk,
Gave not a whit for the kids he stalked.

And then, along came Twenty Sixteen,
Boy howdy! It was damned obscene
So many celebs died, the year seemed cursed
No way a year could ever be worse….

Wanna bet? In Twenty Hundred, Seventeen,
Things will even get more ugly and mean
When The Donald makes the scene.
Some stars will die,
some the country they’ll jump
To avoid saying their President is Trump!

Let me try ending on a note that’s bright
A blessing we can count on, at least tonight
One star will always give light
Nothing seems able to kill Betty White!, No- o- whoa!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Lots of wisdom, craft, and message here; one of your best
    I’m thinking that the plain folks can be excused for focusing on individual famousers , who in some cases kinda emblemize the total. But not in all cases.
    I do find it tough to watch icons younger than myself checking out; I kinda feel like an out-lier, stop-watch ticking in his withering hand.
    (And now with 2525 running through his brain. Oh well


    • Movie star heroes are to modern sapiens what tales of brave Ulysses were to old-fashioned sapiens, and the villains have supplanted the Grendels, werewolves, and other yellow-eyed beasties in the shadows cast by the fires that protected our ancestors. “See? Gee! I could do that! I guess our DNA still requires us to have heroes to inspire us, and bad guys so the heroes have an outlet for their heroics.


    • I just came up with a verse for 2009!

      In the year two thousand, oh-nine
      Michael took too much benzodiazepine
      People mourned the loss of his moonwalk,
      Gave not a whit for the kids he stalked


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