The Shortened to One-Syllable, Acronymized Blues

Oh my, what the hey!
Baby-Mama is now just plain ‘bae’
Words seem to get shorter by the day
Before too long, Bae’ll be just ‘a’

Oh my golly, I mean OMG
When you say ‘X’, do you mean Ecstasy ?
What do we burn at 420?
My battery’s dead, can you spare a ‘V’?

Spelling is quaint, grammar’s under attack
Acronyms are the new black
You can’t be POTUS without a PAC
LEO serves the CEO’s, they have their backs

Would he say these POS’s work for me?
Pastors driving MG’s, wearing silk BVD’s
Spreading their BS via HDTV
Adios, Pobre José
In the USA, he could not stay
He might be ISIS, INS did say
Because they heard Allah when he said LA

The I’ll Never See this Happen For Real,
So I had to Write The Trump-Voter’s
Lament Myself Blues

What did I get when I selected Trump
A family afflicted with affluenza
They don’t care that nepotism offends ya
I’ll never vote for Trump again
I’ll never vote for Trump again

I’ll fix everything, the Donald said everyday
With a big stick and patriotic preaching
Before he caved in to Carrier Air Conditioning
I’ll never vote for Trump again

Don’t ask me what I thought about
No thought was involved and I’m glad I’m out
Out of that bubble of hate and fear
I can’t believe that was me last year

So maybe I was wrong about Hillary
Maybe she wasn’t a demon from Hell sent
She sure had more class than her opponent
I’ll never vote against her again
No I’ll never vote for Trump again

One response to this post.

  1. Heyya, I luv sites where it jus’ gets better all the time.
    Excellent POS (Political Opposition Screed) here. ‘He who controls the Acronyms controls the minds’.
    A sad ‘fear and loathing’ Year’s end for anyone who still remembers the re-assurance of having an educated and elegant president. Amerika needed Drumpf like a man in freezing weather needs to piss in his pants to warm up. (Feel free to expand; I believe it’s ‘my’ metaphor to give away.) So much for the ‘Arrow of Progress’. feels like watching my Dad at 92 ‘talking to the clown’ at MacD’s. A real farmer since Coolidge, more organic than oregano, he bit the banal bullet, against what was left of his will..
    “A Happy-Meal? Say it ain’t so, Joe!” I thought to say.
    So, good for you, fighting the amoeba with rhyme. For now…


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