According to a report, unverified as of now, the Donald consorted with escorts in Russia, and had them shower him with more than praise.
Now, maybe I am rushing this into print prematurely, but it’s the only way to get the jump on my jokesmithing competition. For example…

1) well, we may not have a clue as to his finances, but the mystery of his skin tone has been solved.

2)I hear Trump has bought the rights to a doll franchise, which will be renamed, Trickle Me, Elmo!

3) {swirl, sniff!) Ah, a 12 year-old, bold and sassy!

4) This might explain the look on Romney’s face when he had dinner with Trump.

5) When the Russian escort let me know what her specialty was, I had to tell her, “Say it, don’t spray it!”

6) The names of the women involved have not been released. According to sources who have seen the videos, however, one may use the name Mainstream Medea.

7) You have to give Donald some credit here, he’s willing to have done to him what he plans to do to the country

2 responses to this post.

  1. All excellent lines; I do read daily what the staff writers for the TV shows come up with, thinking, perhaps delusionally, that a killer-riposte might just be the magic bullet here. Having of course long-since abandoned logic, mountains of facts, and even my threat to hang myself from the Lincoln Memorial if this turd-of-a-man is inaugurated. /
    Watching and waiting near Tel Aviv


    • It is usually enough satisfaction for me to have made myself laugh, but all encouragement is welcome. Was there one or two that stood out? Sometimes the ones I consider fillers get the most notice.


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