Block Altogether

If you see something you love,
Then paste it on my wall
Share it with a friend or group, or you can choose ‘all’
But, if you disagree with me
Or imply that I know less than you
Then you know just what I’ll do

I block people now
Who ask dumb questions, or speak in contention
To what I happen to believe in right now

If you think my party sucks
Well, I don’t want to know
I made up my mind anyway, a year or so ago
I hope I don’t sound too unkind,
But your words don’t sound like mine,
You troll from the other side

I block people now
Who try to correct me, before they can unfriend me
Who needs their thoughts anyhow?

3 responses to this post.

  1. Nice ‘truthy’ construction, there in the ‘Grave New World’. I dreamed he was taken away in strait-jacket and shackles mid-speech. ‘Trump shocks millions in epic game-over meltdown!’ ‘Breitbart claims tape ‘altered’


  2. Somehow this comment was intended for your inaugural speech. Can’t even trust WP these days!


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