{As happens every four years, I feel asked to proffer a poem to be read at the Inauguration of the new President.
And, as happens every four years, my effort is returned by men in gray suits duller than their expressions…}

Good Morning America, on ABC,
Will longer be doing interviews with me
They claim to have caught me in many a lie
They’re dead to me, and to my FBI

I’m not going to MS talking to ol’ NBC,
Although I liked them once
But Morning Joe said I was wrong sometimes
And SNL called me a dunce.

This day is a great day, to that I say “Yes!”
But you won’t hear me say squat if you watch CBS
They wouldn’t praise me on their 60- Minute shows,
And I always felt stupid around Charlie Rose.

Attention UPI, Reuters, Bloomberg, and you too, AP
Access to me is best achieved by dosing me
with platitudes delivered by dudes proficient in smarmy
Weasels like Christie and that creep, Giuliani.

With Fox and Friends I’ve made amends,
At least, it says so in the paper
But the guys there and I are really great friends
And we all have a bimbo claiming we raped her.

My family, so blessed, will help bring the US to order
Ivanka will deal with all the messy details
That are always a part of National Park sales
While the boys shoot Dreamers down on the border

Thanks to you rednecks, Aryans, you lib-hating guys
The Rainbow is back where it belongs, in the sky
Because angry and scared white men did dare to unite,
In America it is great once again to be white
Alex Jones, Rush,and Ann, let’s shout out hip-hip, Hooray!
Under me, America will be perfectly O-KKK!

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