I love my country
It’s been good to me
I raised my family
to be red, white, and blue

But what I see scares me
Minds deliberately empty
Of logic and reason, forcing our nation
To relive some bad news
We need an angel to save our poor country
From wicked hearts and their greedy egos
We need more people to yearn for tomorrow
Stop clinging dearly to what should be
Forever let go

We once had strong families
And jobs we could count on
Flying cars in a future
Just around the corner
Of peace and tranquility
The boss made good money
But he was no better than us

Now we’re just units in a service economy
Training our replacements before being let go
Unlike most nations, our schools turn out dummies
Too ignorant to know what they won’t ever know

Is it too late to save our poor country
From those who profit from looting the land?
Can we be strong, and say ‘ No way, man!’?
To keep the past behind us, we must make a stand.

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