He Wouldn’t… ?

It’s true that some liberals have exaggerated fears concerning the disasters that will befall the country as a result of Trump’s presidency, and I am just as guilty as any. But lordy, I do hope my fears, fears such as the following, truly lack firmament….
1) Mount Rushmore will soon have its first full-length figure.

2) Russian Navy ships  in US ports, for “extra protection”.

3) State- issued Twitter accounts

4) That 3 a.m. knock on the door

5) Anti-Trump bloggers making brown shirts in FEMA Camps

6) Pics of Eric and Donald jr with their “trophies”, somewhere along the southern border.

7) That what is in his heart is worse than what he says

8)That any other Republican would be better
9) That unreasoning, illogical, yet real dread that Trump’s policies will actually succeed.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Yesterday’s speech was universally heard as a dark, misanthropic tirade, lacking any sign of easing your fears here. Of course some of them are farther from fruition than others, but, to my mind, ‘whistlers-in-the-dark’ would be well-advised to take up the trumpet (is the ‘clarion’ a real instrument’?) Or perhaps the trombone, since the ‘slide’ can double as a handy weapon.
    Actually good news, my man; suckers buying ‘lemon’ used cars are provably better off if the damn thing burns up earlier rather than later.


  2. Right now, I’ll take any news that isn’t wholly terrible. I had the TV on an old movie channel all day yesterday. Did you know that there were movies about the Saint back in the thirties?
    The new VP has a vital job, he keeps trump safe from assassination, Pence would even worse for the nation


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