Darkness fell at noon on that dismal day
When by a liar an oath was sworn
Daylight cannot return to this land too soon
But what will we see, come the morn?

Day is gone, searchlights crisscross the land
We need to protect our borders
Says the man beholden to foreign hands,
Who heeds the rich men’s orders

In the gloom is nowhere that we want to stay
Hold the course, don’t get lost
What lies ahead? We’re feeling our way
Ever forward, no matter the cost

It’s going be the longest of dreadful nights
one we must make it through
Take heart, you know we are ones in the right
Don’t rest til they know it too

4 responses to this post.

  1. This creation is about as perfect as any noble lariat could have managed: to rope in the salient points and marching-orders.
    From here I look west-ward and see a new and unfamiliar cloud over the low horizon. The temptation to view it as an impending thunderstorm, a relief after a hot muggy day, is quickly vanquished upon closer inspection. Not a ‘normal’ meteorological phenom, no, this one is more like the Krakatoa ‘global winter’ mess of toxic particulates released as if by some God I gave up long ago believing in, to test decent mankind’s resolve. I wish the ‘Forces of Light’ well.


    • I’m almost embarrassed to say that I have another parodic tirade in the can.
      Trump doesn’t leave much room for any other subject. And he keeps dumping loads of material on me, ideas tumble around in my head like shoes in a dryer(Melania!, I met you on your knees…Melania! Lose the accent please).
      I don’t know what is going to happen, and I don’t know what I can do to stop it. I haven’t this helpless since the dominatrix lost her keys.


  2. I will risk advising: (having read the formulae proffered by veterans in the lit- community (as if anyone has experience in battling horror-shows of this gravity) that the tools must break the language-perversion wall. Sarcasm, be it as spot-on as conceivable, is swallowed into the Amoeba these days. Not saying I know what works better;
    One point raised by ‘Happier Heathen’ here this AM was interesting, at least if I ‘get’ his direction. ‘We blame the trailer-manufacturers for trailer-trash’, I asked; is that what you meant?’
    Anyway, the lumpen dragged this dog-shit into the White House; is the solution fewer dogs or fewer lumpen? ‘
    Write-on; whatever works. Muck piles up daily; need more rakers.


  3. Not knowing where you principally get your news, I’m wondering whether you read things like this; from The Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jan/22/observer-view-donald-trump-inauguration
    The British news organization is always well-informed and thoughtful.


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