Moderator: Good evening, and welcome to
• The game show where the veracity is suspect, and sincerity is a tactic!
Okay, panel, here is our first mystery guest

I am Dr. Tyrone Bigelow, Baron Trump’s pediatrician
I am Dr. Tyrone Bigelow, Baron Trump’s pediatrician
I am Dr. Tyrone Bigelow, Baron Trump’s pediatrician

1st judge- Kathy Griffin-“This is unfair, judge, judge #3 has to be recused!
2nd judge- Caroline Rhea-“yeah, this is rigged!”
3rd judge- Melania Trump-“Son have many doctor! I not know all!
Moderator: I agree with Melania, she’s fantastic!
3rd judge- thank you, husband!


Welcome back to Jeopardy, I’m Donald Trump, your host. Uh, you in the middle, your pick.
Contestant: Yes, Things You Said That Turned Out To Be False, for 400… Brapppp!!
Trump: Wrong, that is not a category. Contestant One!

Contestant One: awesome things you have already done for a thousand
Trump: Excellent choice! Correct answer..
Contestant three: it wasn’t in the form of a question!
Trump: was too
C3: didn’t you hear him? It was… Braap!!!
Trump: sorry, …” you’re right , as usual, Mr Trump”, was the correct response….

…..Show in progress….
Drew Carey: okay, those are the showcases. Kelly Anne Conway, how much do you think your showcase is worth, without going over?
Kelly Anne: you might first want to ask why hillary decided to skip this show, what is she hiding?
Drew: Ha-ha! But your guess?
Kelly Anne: I guess she needs to be papered in affidavits and writs…
Drew: okay, we’ll get back to you! Contestant two your showcase, how much?…
Sean Spicer: anywhere from three to, ..Oh, five million
Drew: that’s way over, Sean, …
Sean Spicer: no, I heard it on TV,
Kelly: Stop lying, Sean! You don’t get overtime…

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