When you lied in school, your teachers warned you
Not being truthful could hurt you in the future
Now you’re on our screens all day, paid well to lie away
And those teachers are choking on their dentures.
Hey, Kelly Anne, your lips are moving,
Are you gonna lie all day?
Hey Kelly Anne, I can’t imagine
You believe anything you say
When for Trump’s campaign you started working,
We thought you were joking, wondered what you were smoking.
When the reporters’ demands for facts make things quite tense
You just lie to them with extra patience
Hey, Kelly Anne, do you sleep well
Or do you worry about Hell?
Hey, Kelly Anne….. {fade}

7 responses to this post.

  1. barbara anne…13 yards in 😉 if you’ll let me smile or slobber a lil line towards. or in English not my thought stream, no no, not hell! 13 yards in! do your lips walk you thirteen yards in? 😉 😀 garsh i feel cleverr in your presence which could have sounded complimentary and it is but you’ll just have to laugh because it could be? ooo those words they lead where YOU decide them to go 😀 did i just pave the way? you know inteding well? uh ohhhh! could be!


    • Tell me Kelly Anne, do you lie because you can,
      Is it no problemo, you get paid well by the man?
      Kelly Anne, Kell-kell-y Anne
      You lie with such feeling
      About Trump’s double dealings,
      Kelly Ann


      • you know it isn’t the song but it reminds me of elton john’s LIES lies lies lies on a streetcar named lies for that sweet bird of Youth – I could be great like tennessee williams if could find something that sounds like the truth. 😉 meter prohibits lelly an and american.. but aw well

  2. Today’s news ; the ‘Bowling Green Fabrication’ At least the writers for South Park recently ‘gave up’ on satirizing the farce. Breaking news makes yesterday’s ‘killer’ indictment post ‘passe’. I’m thinking a live-stream of limericks might be a workable tool.
    All in all, my mood is still uplifted by the real-life prospect of an ‘earlier-than-expected’ Vomit-o-thon. A public hanging, with ‘president-setting’ attendance stats and pix.
    Keep yer eye on the future, Greg, God-willing, it won’t be long till:

    “How can I extoll you, Saviour of our Nation
    In verse; 50 words or less?
    New President, you killed abomination
    In our hour of sad duress
    Deleted the ‘new Normal’
    from the history books we’ll read
    Now it’s back to careful Progress
    You’re my Hero, yes indeed!


    • We have to be the saviors, we cannot give their side a clear target.
      I would advise investing in mimeographing machines and cloaks, trump will soon find a way to shut down or control content on the internet.


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