It’s twenty minutes to midnight,
Mother, be sure to lock the door
Keep the children from the windows,
Though they’ve seen it all before
The demon tide is rising fast,
And flooding the land once more

It rolls with quiet, ominous force
So slow it’s hard to trace its course
It leaves its mark from coast to coast.
How many victories does it now boast?
How many of us know nobody close
who’s suffered? A handful, at most

Shapeless shifting fills the gaps
Where grows the foreign menace
It leaves its mark in blackest dark
When senses are not at their best
It feeds on fear in all its forms,
This tide of dreadful strangeness.

Will we ever see this neap-high tide of evil end?
This demon tide that makes enemies of our friends?
The tides are coming quicker, no time between to mend
What will keep the demon tide from drowning us again?

No demon tide shall drown this land
Nor wave of strangeness bring an end
to what we fought for way back when
Against the onslaught we will stand
Make this land safe, and free again
We must stem this tide, anyway we can

3 responses to this post.

  1. Excellent! I blame Canada. Or Sweden. Actually, it’s the Moon’s fault for Lunacy, and the Sun, for sun-stroke and blindness. We do need here a clip of the tide dramatically going out, say, in a fioord (sp?) like the flushing of a toilet. Jus’ so we’ll recognize it when it happens. And it will.


    • My brother is a typical Trumpkopf, his mind is altered by thirty years of right-wing bullshit. These people have truly abandoned logic and reason, preferring fear and loathing. They are willing, eager, to let trump be the decision-maker, screw democracy.
      It is frightening, Yoni, to see the hate, fear, and absolutely deliberate ignorance up close, in people you love. It is like being in a Body Snatchers movie. I fear for America.


  2. Right on: body-snatchers. That’s exactly what I see in the luckily-few folks I even know who would support a vulgar incompetent. When they open their mouths it’s to emit a high-pitched other-wordly scream. And the ones grafted onto dog’s bodies are the most upsetting.


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