Can I lend you a hand?
It’s not really mine, it’s the hand of a man
Who once said to me, “Yes, son, you can!”
And when I wouldn’t listen, he’d say it again

Or this man’s hand,
That kept this country safe for free men
The hand of a man whose greatest reward
Is that I fight with a pen instead of a sword.

Lend me an ear
The cost isn’t dear, and it pays to hear
What those here before us might know,
Mistakes not to make, bad places to go.

No man walks the earth alone,
there are no nations of one
The path you find yourself upon
was beaten down by someone.

Take lessons from their footsteps,
hear what they have to say
Use old folk’s words like road maps
For their past is a path to today

–Greg Cobb

6 responses to this post.

  1. Nicely thought-out and composed. I’m thinking ‘Abraham, Martin, and John’ (was that the name?) No matter, the truths were universal.. until recently.
    Maybe in addition to googling ‘grounds for impeachment’ we ought to be researching civilizations and their occasional demise: the rise and fall of Rome, 3rd Reich, even Easter Island. Now *there’s* a historical ‘president’ (sic): A dumb-fuck took over, toppled any stone head he thought made fun of his dumb haircut, the natives started to FB-shame each other, death and starvation. The last survivor escaped alone on a Kon-Tiki raft to the Galapagos, where today he runs a turtle-zoo for curious finches.


  2. Head stones are nice, but I like body rushes, too.
    I heard some silly shit on TV, talking about self-reliance, and then I saw a post by a depressed friend. No ma’am, he’s not an island, he’s my brother! Heavy, ain’t it?


  3. Crazy, and probably a good thing; neither of us can finish a sentence without at least 2 cultural references/ winks.
    ‘I cried because I was depressed… until I met a man who was oppressed. ‘
    And Donne, in the appendix, actually explains that ‘No Man’ is a ‘Peninsula’.
    ‘He’s so heavy’: what was the intent of the Founder-beetles in that passage?
    Ben Carson just called the schvartes ‘involuntary immigrants’. Ha, Borowitz, I think, in the New Yorker, had him describing folks thrown out of windows as ‘ full-filling their dream of flight, free as birds.’
    Your talent here is currently a seller’s market, and in demand. Every little barb helps. (Meanwhile, an un-addressed side-issue is why I can’t find your freaking masterful ‘long-form fiction in the Amazon short-list? Delano himself phoned me last night; expressed a desire to be ‘famous again, for like another 15 minutes’, in his words. What could I say? “Um.. Greg tosses these oeuvres off effortlessly like a snail leaving a translucent trail on the sidewalk overnight.” He said he’d ‘never thought about it like that’, and I did suggest he ‘take ownership’, as they say, of his A-minor story.
    Fun to be in touch with you here, bro.


    • Amen to that! Our repartee borders on the Socratic, if compared to what I deal with on Book of Facecons.
      I’m working on a new story, a dark Walter Mitty noir thing, about a guy drifting back and forth between several daydreams fantasies wherein his heroism and manhood are never questioned. Then something happens that gives him a chance to be a real hero, or does it?
      Do take care, my friend, the nuclear football is in the hands of a third-string, strike breaking quarterback.


      • God-speed with the story; sounds intriguing.
        Funny, I’d planned to spend the evening going through random FB sites, aspiring to emulate their high-octane wit and intellectual rigour. Might put it off now.
        Oh and are you suggesting that there are simple cautionary steps which us ‘ancillary-damage ‘ targets/ victims can take to minimize the, y’know, down-side of a stupidity-caused nuke-exchange? I do remember hiding under the little wooden desks during drills, and making sure the Conelrad Freqs were printed on the ‘Sears’ ‘Good’ cheap AM radio we could afford. Taught our Jersey cows that Strontium is ‘the new Calcium’ and to practice ‘falling on their udders’ if the ‘weather’ looked threatening.
        Seriously, what your hi-calorie site needs is a gang of Xanga-heyday style readers. Twenty or so would suffice. Thought about how to make that happen?
        Stay cool, bro.

      • Don’t let me discourage you, FB has plenty to offer the explorer. I do have some intelligent friends, some are xanga people. Beth is there. Baldmike, kellsbells, I forget the others.
        One exfriend just spent two pages on what a horrible person I am. That’s sort of evens out the other friend of mine who told another friend that I was the most honest person he had ever met, which was kind of embarrassing. So I thank Joe for his correction of the balance there anyway.
        I also have a cousin, once dear to me, who despises me for daring to defend Muslims. That was Joe’s problem, too.
        America’s new civil War will have battle lines drawn across families and neighboring houses. Who you shoot or shoots you, will depend onDonald’s latest tweet, or your last post on Facebook.

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