if it takes one to know one, and i had to be there,

then what is the point, and why should i care?

if time waits for no one, then i don’t understand,

am i wasting the time that i have on my hands?

and i hear that love is forever, yet life is much shorter

so to spend my time loving makes sense to me, sorta

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  1. I really like the ‘clever’ in this one. Always wondered whether the bottom-line total of all aphorisms equals Zero. And were I not so damn busy getting my barges delivered, so to speak, I’d wade in. Of course, the race is to the quick, but then ‘easy does it’. What’s a fellow in a room of hand cross-stitched wall hangings to do? She just keeps churning ’em out. Would a stitch in time save nine? And is a ‘word to the wife sufficient’?


    • A snitch inside means time
      A word to the wife? Fishin’!
      If black is the color, use White-Out
      If none is the number, you do the math


      • Deep and deeper; what can I say?
        These ‘extensions’ require ‘feel free to use the other side of this form’
        Also forgot to ask: the neologism ‘Mychotomies’? You’re aware that the prefix ‘myco’ usually applies to mushrooms and fungi, right?

      • I realize it now, but I was just making a play on words, one that probably does not apply here.
        I plan on mushrooming tomorrow, today is too cold for the little tykes, they tend to stay huddled in their burrows.l
        I have new toy, a lens attachment for my cellphone. My favorite lens is the magnifier, although the focal length is a little too short . I should have a post up soon, with some pics.

  2. Yes, I remembered that, from back when we were both small.
    My Herbert Zim’s ‘A child’s Book of Fungus’? scarred me for life with the red and white photos of ‘Fly Animita’? First time I ate a mushroom I studiously waited 24 hours before saying ‘Whew! I’z alive!’.
    Meanwhile, bring on the close-ups


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