The CEO’s Letter

I bought me a ticket on an aeroplane,
Did the TSA hustle, found my seat, and then
The cops they came and grabbed me,
gave my seat to an employee!
And the CEO, he sent me a letter.

When I think about how much money I spent
Just to get away for one lousy weekend
You’re damn right, I’m whining!
I should be zip-lining
Instead of reading the CEO’s letter

Yes, he wrote me a letter that I couldn’t read because the print was too small.
But I heard him say on the news last night that I was the cause of it all.

Screw me!

I should be on my way to Paradise
sipping a mai-tai in the friendly skies
But twice they sold my seat, so airport food I eat
While I write my lawyer a letter

One response to this post.

  1. I’m spending an admirable amount of time on this incident:
    Someone wrote that United could have ‘redeemed’ the seats for
    a million-plus, and made out better financially.
    Can’t ignore that, had it been my predicament as a passenger, I’d have knee-jerk folded.
    And the fellows background of course adds/subtracts from the story.
    I grew up hearing that ‘the Revolution will not be Televised.’
    Where are we now? A viral video = a Revolution.
    I’m seriously worried for our future.
    Plus not flying United, which I’d already learned and decided.


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