Channeling Dr Seuss

Dr Suess Weighs In
Trump he trumpeted about a great wall
Mexico, he said, would pay for it all!
Trump stumped well, but can’t govern at all
And so Trump’s numbers took a great fall

Then Trump jumped on North Korea’s Kim
Said “There’s a lot I don’t like about him.”
Hes a lying grandstanding attention whore
A manchild with bad hair, need i say more?

Trump’s humpin’ for Putin takes the cake
Although he claims the truth is a fake!
He snuggles and cuddles with those who dictate,
Those who oppress, and those who hate
With democracy’s leaders, he cannot relate.

Trump jumped the swamp when he hired
The very sort he had promised to fire
The ultra rich, who couldnt care less
Whose oblige is less than noblesse

Who think poverty is ever the fault, you see,
Of people who lack drive, pride, and piety
Who think “I’m rich because He likes me,
Not so much, do my old friends and family.”

Trump likes to lump people, the grump,
By race or religion, or if they have mumps
Says racists are nice, some even have class
I say no way, José, por favor kick his ass!

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