Mr. Gorbachev, That’s A Nice Wall! or, if other presidents had acted like trump


“I did what I could. I asked the emperor, I asked Admiral Tojo, they both deny having anything to do with or any knowledge about the terrible attack at Pearl Harbor. So I dunno! The Mexicans, maybe?– FDR
“The Kaiser is just as shocked as the rest of us. Maybe it wasn’t a torpedo from that German submarine, maybe the Lusitania was rusty, maybe we will never know, since the Germans have been cleared”– Woodrow Wilson
“Jeff Davis is a friend , and if he says those boys at Fort Sumter had a BBQ grill too close to the armory, then that’s it, case closed.”– Abraham Lincoln
” I’d like to thank Cuba for blowing up the Maine, we’ve been meaning to downsize our Navy, he did us a favor.”– William McKinley

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