Who's teaching the lesson today?
The students are leading the way
With I-pads in their backpacks,
And smart phones with smart apps
They picked today to not run laps,
Nor listen to official bull crap.
The usual calculated pap
Today our kids are talking back
Speaking with loud action
A chorus of marching feet
The time for change is not someday
When four weeks ago was already too late
What gives them the right, you ask?
To interrupt their history class?
But what have we done,
To whom have our votes gone?
To politicians who feel their pain,
And go on to feed at the trough again
As yet another damaged kid takes aim,
More teachers and classmates feel the pain
Things just can't stay the same
They're doing it for their own sake
For an end to the horror and heartache
Sometmes history is learned,
Some history has to be made

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