A couple was in a department store, where the lady was trying on dresses and getting her astrophysicist husband’s opinion. He had just given a thumbs down on a sexy black dress that she rather liked.
“Do you think that I would look better in a red shift? She asked.
You wouldn’t look as hot,” he replied

2 responses to this post.

  1. A god one. Technically, the little lack dress still has a ‘temperature, in the infra-red, which would certainly be lowered, from the observer’s perspective, by a red shift.
    I like girls to wear white, generally; walking away from me, I can judge the speed by the color apparent.


    • 2 photons exited the bar, only one waved.
      Morals have gotten so loose in this country, now I hear that covalent bonding is allowed in Vermont!


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