You can’t get away from it!
“…… the Royals in Windsor could not ask for better weather for the wedding, The Royal Wedding that’s being held today wedding wedding wedding…”{click}
Hi this is Jay Leno, welcome to Jay Leno’s garage. today we’re looking at Royal Wedding cars of yesteryear[click!]
” good news shoppers! If you purchase one wedding triptych with Lady Diana smiling down on her son and his new bride, you get the second one for free…{click!}
“.. yes, it has been reported that the Queen’s Corgi likes Prince William’s new bride. Prince Charles’ Rottweilers, however, like her a bit too much…”{click!}
“…even amid the carnage of the Taliban’s latest suicide attack, it almost seems as if some of these tears are tears of joy,…”{click!}
“… And another historic fact about Prince William’s ascot…”{click!}
My 1st guest, Sir O. Reginald Cumwidmy, is Londons foremost expert on royal sex practices, and his Royal honeymoon coverage is expected….{click}

2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m proud that I even know you! Nobody..(NOBODY), does this kind of intensely-knowing satire better than you! I watched not a second, (only cuz I ain’t got a TV… or spare time) but your characterization of the ‘babbling fireplace’ is so spot-on it hurts. Ten points.


    • Yoni, the new princess to be was asked how she felt that morning and she said “wonderful”. This was repeated buy breathless reporters for the next several hours.
      I like the Royals, they seem like genuinely nice people.
      But what the hell are we doing, royal families in the 21st century we’re celebrating a shallow gene pool, pretending that a family is better than us because they have never done anything as mundane as earn a living.


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