Blood can be sold, given, or spent
And blood will most certainly be let
By both hellbound and the heaven-sent
Blood gives life to both good and bad
Keeps going the greedy, the evil, and sad

Births and deaths, whatever they mean,
Happen to all, and are both bloody scenes.
Blood isn’t a judge, it carries no grudge, of history it hasn’t a clue
Your bloodline doesn’t matter to the blood in your lines,
Nor, my friend, do you

If only people were that judgment free,
And charged with giving life to another.
Nurturing, energizing, reviving, alive-ing!
All in their path,
Blood gives life to the Mother

Not all ideas for parodies pan out, I write them anyway…
Love’s like a nose, you’d better not pick it
You may not love what you might find
Though its hard to see it when you blow it
You’ll know by the mess thats left behind

I want my nose to be real clean,
Not too large and not to lean
I want my nose with me all the time
Never want to leave my nose behind

Never leave my nose behind

(Repeat 1st verse)

My love knows shes like a nose
I follow her wherever she goes
She powders it when it glows
Hopes that freckle doesnt grow
I ran out of similis two lines ago
Two long lines ago….
What Do We Tell The Children?

Be brave, hijo, and do not cry
Let go of Mama’s shirt, and tell her goodbye.
The two of you should not have come
Things can’t be that bad where you’re from

Inside, boy. TENT 34, where you belong
Wipe off those tears you better be strong
The older boys in here see you as fresh meat
Here is a toothbrush, some soap and a thin sheet

Hold still, child, this wont hurt you
It’s only a number I have one more to do
You can trust me, I’m Mexican too
Now, don’t wash your arm for an hour or two

Hush, my little ones, Mama’s not far away
Unless she was on the bus that left today
Hey Sarge! Wasnt bus 41 headed for Santa Fe?
Maybe my relief can help you, I’m calling it a day

Cohen walks with his head down, he’s feeling pretty low
Got no family by his side, just a dozen lawyers in tow
He looks dazed, he looks petrified, as stares down at his feet
Trembles a bit as he sees the doors through which justice he will meet.

But at least he cut a deal,
Broke down and cut a deal
Hes going down, but not alone, because he cut a deal

He tried his best to get no time like Flynn,
Or a presidential pardon
But Trump was slow, or said no go, so for Trump Cohen had a hard on
Trump calls him a rat, calls him weak, says he wasnt one of the best
But most of his pards are folding their cards,
And getting things off their chest.

Another one cut a deal
Mueller’s winning this for real

Faced with facts, another one turns, once again The Donald is spurned
By this one might think there’d be a lesson learned
Trump needs a guide, who gives wise advice, a veritable Svengali
Instead in a fit of suicidal pique, he hires Rudy Giuliani!
Trump, this a bust,
In shackles you’ll be trussed….(fade…)

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