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Please don’t run, little fella, I won’t hurt you
The way someone has
I won’t tie you up outside in the summer and let your water dish go dry
The way someone did
Someone tested your love and devotion to its limits
And you would jump back in the truck he kicked you out of
And you would bite me if I did to him what I’m thinking
I want to see him to cower, the way from me you’re slinking
Screw him it’s time to start on the forgetting
Time to put some food in you, take you to a vet and
I need a new winter coat, my old one is now your bedding
It’s time for you to get back the love that you’ve been giving
Maybe in a week or two you’ll be receptive to some petting
The way someone will



A couple was in a department store, where the lady was trying on dresses and getting her astrophysicist husband’s opinion. He had just given a thumbs down on a sexy black dress that she rather liked.
“Do you think that I would look better in a red shift? She asked.
You wouldn’t look as hot,” he replied


” You have to run fast to catch the Moon!”
My older brother said as he raced me
It was blood-red, beautiful, and setting soon
He laughed when I fell and hurt my knee

” This time, I want you to really, really try!”
” You have to run fast if you want to catch the Moon.”
I ran, and as i reached for my prize in the sky
Across the moon’s face flew the shadow of a loon.

My brother passed away far too soon
You could say he jumped too high
“You have to run fast to catch the moon.”
He said before his very last try.

“Don’t follow that path.” my mother cried.
“Losing both sons will be my ruin.”.
Not try, Mother? I would much rather die!
You have to run fast to catch the Moon.
(c) Greg Cobb 2018



That was night that I got lost somewhere in whiskey heaven,
I ragged your candy ass when you quit drinking at eleven
You saw me stumble when we finally left the bar
So, see? It’s safer for me behind the wheel of a car
Are you coming or not? No more lectures, please.
And now a man is dead because nobody would take my keys

You’re the life of the party, the man of the hour
You’ve fine-tuned the social uses of hard liquor’s power.
I’m lucky to be your friend, and I sure don’t want to end
The party. So give that bottle one more squeeze,
And toast the man who died because I didn’t take your keys

I rode free as a bird, left my working days behind me
I loved my friends, my family, but the road is where you’d find me
Thirty years of fighting fires, waiting for this day
Retired, unhired, astride my Harley, was where I planned to stay
Just pondering life, enjoying new roads and the breeze
It ended when I met you, because no one took your keys.

I bought a bike this morning, Dad, so I could be like you
See what I wore today, now I’m a fireman, too
Your grandson is sick today, or I’d have brought him here
To the only place where the boy ever sheds a tear
He wants so bad to tell you that he knows his ABCs
And he will sing them to your headstone, because nobody took those keys



Met her by the fountain, after her math class,
Her eyes told me she wanted me to grab her ass

I let no one see me, or get a good look
For the only periods she’d experienced
Were the ones in her textbooks
You’ve got some short eyes, Roy Moore,
Adult women ain’t your style
Hands off our daughters, Roy Moore
You Bible-quoting pedophile,
You had to ask her Mom’s permission,
To take her on a date
That’s pretty weird behavior,
Even for your state
Hang up your hat, Judge Roy Moore
Farewell to your Senate hopes
Though some will still vote for you
The rest of us aren’t dopes
You say you know the Bible better,
Studied it all your life
You say its okay to covet her
As long as she’s nobody’s wife!
Don’t be a bigger sap Judge Roy Moore
Than you already are
The GOP is gathering the feathers,
The Dems are heating up the tar!

(Thanks and apologies are due to the Kingston Trio)


Gutshot cans on a wooden fence
Dominos falling on the bowling pins
Hand in the cookie jar, aint no defense
Looks like I gotta turn in my friends

Play the songbird, with a few sour notes
Better to be feathered, than scaped like a goat
Better to sing, my sins aired and emoted,
Than have fellow cons auction off my throat

It’s better to deal than to be the meal
When the pack circles, its time to get real
Gone is the life that I lived with zeal
I was driven, then I drifted, hands off the wheel

Pixels and paper trailed in my wake
Only the arrogant make careless mistakes
Or maybe a stoner, one more than half-baked
Not even a loon loses sight of the lake

Im a small fry, not too big to fail
Will the wealth i once had matter to me in jail?
The outlaw life begins to pale
When Justice finds you and she tells your tale.

Channeling Dr Seuss

Dr Suess Weighs In
Trump he trumpeted about a great wall
Mexico, he said, would pay for it all!
Trump stumped well, but can’t govern at all
And so Trump’s numbers took a great fall

Then Trump jumped on North Korea’s Kim
Said “There’s a lot I don’t like about him.”
Hes a lying grandstanding attention whore
A manchild with bad hair, need i say more?

Trump’s humpin’ for Putin takes the cake
Although he claims the truth is a fake!
He snuggles and cuddles with those who dictate,
Those who oppress, and those who hate
With democracy’s leaders, he cannot relate.

Trump jumped the swamp when he hired
The very sort he had promised to fire
The ultra rich, who couldnt care less
Whose oblige is less than noblesse

Who think poverty is ever the fault, you see,
Of people who lack drive, pride, and piety
Who think “I’m rich because He likes me,
Not so much, do my old friends and family.”

Trump likes to lump people, the grump,
By race or religion, or if they have mumps
Says racists are nice, some even have class
I say no way, José, por favor kick his ass!