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A Flower At The Terminal
He started down the steps, head down,
Don’t bump your head, my tall man
Walk down those steps to me
Who you didn’t expect to see
Until later
When the taxi brought you home
But I couldn’t wait, and I thought you were alone
And longing for me, as I have for you
But who is this, whose hand you hold
As she exits the plane behind you?
Who’s this who laughs with you as you descend the stairs,
And reaches up and musses your hair?
People around me, happy and hugging
Around me lovers reunite with unblemished delight
Together again, smiling, I hate them all
I should not have surprised him, I should have called
He doesn’t see me, his eyes are on her
They kiss goodbye, he gives her a flower
A flower, like the one I hold, to give to my man
Our little thing, a flower on parting, and one for the return
Our little thing no more
He walks, smiling, towards the taxis
I walk, alone, to get the car
–gregory cobb