Darkness fell at noon on that dismal day
When by a liar an oath was sworn
Daylight cannot return to this land too soon
But what will we see, come the morn?

Day is gone, searchlights crisscross the land
We need to protect our borders
Says the man beholden to foreign hands,
Who heeds the rich men’s orders

In the gloom is nowhere that we want to stay
Hold the course, don’t get lost
What lies ahead? We’re feeling our way
Ever forward, no matter the cost

It’s going be the longest of dreadful nights
one we must make it through
Take heart, you know we are ones in the right
Don’t rest til they know it too

He Wouldn’t… ?

It’s true that some liberals have exaggerated fears concerning the disasters that will befall the country as a result of Trump’s presidency, and I am just as guilty as any. But lordy, I do hope my fears, fears such as the following, truly lack firmament….
1) Mount Rushmore will soon have its first full-length figure.

2) Russian Navy ships  in US ports, for “extra protection”.

3) State- issued Twitter accounts

4) That 3 a.m. knock on the door

5) Anti-Trump bloggers making brown shirts in FEMA Camps

6) Pics of Eric and Donald jr with their “trophies”, somewhere along the southern border.

7) That what is in his heart is worse than what he says

8)That any other Republican would be better
9) That unreasoning, illogical, yet real dread that Trump’s policies will actually succeed.


I love my country
It’s been good to me
I raised my family
to be red, white, and blue

But what I see scares me
Minds deliberately empty
Of logic and reason, forcing our nation
To relive some bad news
We need an angel to save our poor country
From wicked hearts and their greedy egos
We need more people to yearn for tomorrow
Stop clinging dearly to what should be
Forever let go

We once had strong families
And jobs we could count on
Flying cars in a future
Just around the corner
Of peace and tranquility
The boss made good money
But he was no better than us

Now we’re just units in a service economy
Training our replacements before being let go
Unlike most nations, our schools turn out dummies
Too ignorant to know what they won’t ever know

Is it too late to save our poor country
From those who profit from looting the land?
Can we be strong, and say ‘ No way, man!’?
To keep the past behind us, we must make a stand.


{As happens every four years, I feel asked to proffer a poem to be read at the Inauguration of the new President.
And, as happens every four years, my effort is returned by men in gray suits duller than their expressions…}

Good Morning America, on ABC,
Will longer be doing interviews with me
They claim to have caught me in many a lie
They’re dead to me, and to my FBI

I’m not going to MS talking to ol’ NBC,
Although I liked them once
But Morning Joe said I was wrong sometimes
And SNL called me a dunce.

This day is a great day, to that I say “Yes!”
But you won’t hear me say squat if you watch CBS
They wouldn’t praise me on their 60- Minute shows,
And I always felt stupid around Charlie Rose.

Attention UPI, Reuters, Bloomberg, and you too, AP
Access to me is best achieved by dosing me
with platitudes delivered by dudes proficient in smarmy
Weasels like Christie and that creep, Giuliani.

With Fox and Friends I’ve made amends,
At least, it says so in the paper
But the guys there and I are really great friends
And we all have a bimbo claiming we raped her.

My family, so blessed, will help bring the US to order
Ivanka will deal with all the messy details
That are always a part of National Park sales
While the boys shoot Dreamers down on the border

Thanks to you rednecks, Aryans, you lib-hating guys
The Rainbow is back where it belongs, in the sky
Because angry and scared white men did dare to unite,
In America it is great once again to be white
Alex Jones, Rush,and Ann, let’s shout out hip-hip, Hooray!
Under me, America will be perfectly O-KKK!


Block Altogether

If you see something you love,
Then paste it on my wall
Share it with a friend or group, or you can choose ‘all’
But, if you disagree with me
Or imply that I know less than you
Then you know just what I’ll do

I block people now
Who ask dumb questions, or speak in contention
To what I happen to believe in right now

If you think my party sucks
Well, I don’t want to know
I made up my mind anyway, a year or so ago
I hope I don’t sound too unkind,
But your words don’t sound like mine,
You troll from the other side

I block people now
Who try to correct me, before they can unfriend me
Who needs their thoughts anyhow?


The Village Wordsmithy

Jimmy Buffett Fesses Up!!

I got rich writing about my bad habits
indulged in my wild Caribbean days
Taking body shots off of well-endowed strippers
And snorting cocaine off a supermodel’s legs

But there was a good reason for my escape into dreams,
by using rum, happy pills, and pot
Because if you choose a life of sobriety
You’ll see that Paradise, this place is not!

What jerk calls a place Paradise,
where capital crime is always on the rise?
where biting insects grow to an incredible size?
It’s not my idea of Paradise

I made it all sound so romantic,
Singing’ ’bout smugglers, pretty ladies, and pirates back then
But they’re crooks and criminals, schemers and con men.
Why do you think I wised up, and moved to Aspen!

Why visit more than one island?
every one is just more of the same
beggars, crazy cabbies, and cheap crap made…

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Variations Anathema

Where is the Pillsbury Doughboy when you knead him?
To get ahead in medieval times, you had to know what counts?
The sign said ALL YOU CAN EAT, $10. I pay the man, he hands me a plate of beans, and says ” here, that’s all you can eat!”

If Life hands you lemons, hand ’em back, and say sarcastically, “Thanks but obviously you need these more than I do!”
Never try to teach a pig to whistle, he’ll just dump you for a well-connected talent agency, and you’ll see “Whistling Pig” posters and TV ads wherever you go in your increasingly bitter, alcohol-fueled trip on the pity train.

If I had a nickel for every time I got bogged down in minutiae, I’d have, let’s see, that essay question in civics class, that’s one, all the times I started to clean my room, and ended up playing a long-lost Game Boy, or answering the phone,…but phone calls shouldn’t count, if they were emergencies or someone I hadn’t spoken to in awhile……

If everybody else is jumping off a cliff, yeah, I’ll jump too. If I can be the last jumper, and land on a pile of soft bodies.

Birds of a feather ‘flock’ together if they’re white, BUT when crows do it, it’s murder!

Don’t buy a pig in a poke; the warranty doesn’t cover moving parts.

A penny? For You’re thoughts? on My punctuation, and grammar?

Give a man a fish, then maybe the gulls will crap on him instead!