The Mountain Laurel flower is beautiful from the time it buds until it blooms

Through a Lens, Tiny




if it takes one to know one, and i had to be there,

then what is the point, and why should i care?

if time waits for no one, then i don’t understand,

am i wasting the time that i have on my hands?

and i hear that love is forever, yet life is much shorter

so to spend my time loving makes sense to me, sorta


I wrote this when ISIS was on the run from one  city or the other, now I dedicate it to the fallen and falling murdering scum currently getting their comeuppance in Mosul…

You’re gonna Meet Allah, and all his virgins
and its gonna happen real soon since
you decided to be part of the problem
and innocent victims to death condemn

yeah, yeah Allah is good
And He hates you murdering hoods
yeah, yeah, as you will soon see

It wasn’t God blew up that bus
Took our Daddy away from us
No one this blood thirsty must
be allowed to live, no mercy to give

Too late to run back home
no matter where you roam
you will find a sniper or drone
Has a spot on you, goodbye to you…



Can I lend you a hand?
It’s not really mine, it’s the hand of a man
Who once said to me, “Yes, son, you can!”
And when I wouldn’t listen, he’d say it again

Or this man’s hand,
That kept this country safe for free men
The hand of a man whose greatest reward
Is that I fight with a pen instead of a sword.

Lend me an ear
The cost isn’t dear, and it pays to hear
What those here before us might know,
Mistakes not to make, bad places to go.

No man walks the earth alone,
there are no nations of one
The path you find yourself upon
was beaten down by someone.

Take lessons from their footsteps,
hear what they have to say
Use old folk’s words like road maps
For their past is a path to today

–Greg Cobb



It’s twenty minutes to midnight,
Mother, be sure to lock the door
Keep the children from the windows,
Though they’ve seen it all before
The demon tide is rising fast,
And flooding the land once more

It rolls with quiet, ominous force
So slow it’s hard to trace its course
It leaves its mark from coast to coast.
How many victories does it now boast?
How many of us know nobody close
who’s suffered? A handful, at most

Shapeless shifting fills the gaps
Where grows the foreign menace
It leaves its mark in blackest dark
When senses are not at their best
It feeds on fear in all its forms,
This tide of dreadful strangeness.

Will we ever see this neap-high tide of evil end?
This demon tide that makes enemies of our friends?
The tides are coming quicker, no time between to mend
What will keep the demon tide from drowning us again?

No demon tide shall drown this land
Nor wave of strangeness bring an end
to what we fought for way back when
Against the onslaught we will stand
Make this land safe, and free again
We must stem this tide, anyway we can



TV host Dr. Phil, one of several prominent figures who have been offered the position.

Uncertainty reigns in the White House, on Wall Street, and in the offices of political power centers the world over, as the second month of the Trump Administration begins without anyone in place who can say “No, Donald, Stop it, I mean Now!”.

Dr. Phil is only the latest in a string of celebrity personal counselors to turn down the position, despite the prestige and power inherent in such a post.

“Prestige I got already!” Said Dr. Laura, in a statement to the press.  “What I don’t have is a client whom I have to keep asking to stop with the tweets already while I’m talking, and to stop playing with the nuclear football!”

“That’s too much to ask of one person,” Tony Robbins said. “I’m busted! There is a challenge I am reluctant to take on.” Robbins continued, as he body-surfed across a bed of burning coals.

“Hillary didn’t mind Bill very well, either. And no other president had a legal guardian by this point in their administration.” Kelly Anne Conway retorted.

Which is technically true, score one for Kelly Anne. But the office was not created until the last days of Obama’s term, when he issued an Executive Order, his only EO not challenged vehemently by Congress, citing grave concerns about the incoming leader of the free world.

“The President categorically denies the need for a guardian.” Sean Spicer read from a prepared statement, “Further, the President calls anyone in favor of the establishment of yet another regulatory abuse of power doo-doo poopy-heads.”

General  James n. ” Bulldog” Mattis, currently serving as Secretary of Defense, had reportedly offered to add the job to his duties until full-time, qualified guardian could be found. “That little Napoleon only Thinks he’s been in military school! I’ll school the little runt!” Mattis reportedly told an aide. But his nomination was rejected in a lengthy tantrum held by Trump in a private meeting with staff.

Although enough Republicans voted to fund the so-called “Because I Said So Act”, disagreements over the implementation remain. The Fixed-Dinner times provision was dropped, and the President’s preferred “demand eating” regimen remains in place. Also agreed on is the institution of a panel, including the White House Senior advisor, the heads of the FBI  and CIA, and chaired by the Secretary of State, that will arrange “playdates” with other world leaders.

Partisan differences remain to be worked out. The length and number of timeouts has yet to be resolved, although it has been agreed that neither the Vice-president, nor anyone else in the line of succession, should be party to such decisions.

The President has indicated that he will not sign off or listen to any ” low energy, ugly dumdum”, and that he will “hold my breath until I turn blue, whenever I want to,  because I like it!”